Performant Fitness & Core Group Fitness provide mobile executive one-on-one personal training and corporate group personal training packages. Our fitness programs are scalable for every body. Whether your team members are new to fitness or seasoned athletes, we can help to raise the health and fitness metrics across your entire organization in a fun, competitive & measureable way. We can write custom programs for your team based on specific goals, or try one of our standard training programs and test your teams fitness levels and improvements across your company or across the entire Performant Fitness & Core Group Fitness community. We work side-by-side with our corporate and group clients to provide outstanding results with comprehensive health and fitness packages offered at very affordable rates!

Our corporate clients benefit from: 

- Reduced Absenteeism

- Increased Productivity

- Improved Employee Health

- Improved Employee Energy Levels

- Enhanced Creativity

- Improved Ability to Concentrate

- Decreased Stress Levels

- Reduced Employee Turnover

- Decreased Disability 

- Decreased Workers Compensation Cost

- Enhanced Recruitment Potential

In partnering with Performant Fitness & Core Group Fitness, our corporate clients have enhanced their employees lives with quality fitness centers and excellent corporate health and wellness programs. Contact us today to discuss corporate and group fitness programs. We’re 100% committed to the success of your companies health & fitness goals!